"Proper preparation, equipment, and awareness of your personal health situation and walking environment are key to having a safe and beneficial walkin...View Details

Day 1 Walk and Be Well

"Whether you’re a seasoned walker or you're just taking the first steps toward a newly active life, we hope that the days and weeks ahead will re-ener...View Details

Day 2 Walk and Be Well

"Knowing our physical limits is important. It keeps us safe and injury-free. And sometimes those limits keep us so safe that we don't question the way...View Details

Day 3 Walk and Be Well

“Sometimes we need to change from the outside in. Sometimes, our inner voice will be whining, ‘I don’t want to go outside’ or ‘I don’t feel like movin...View Details

Day 4 Walk and Be Well

“Walking is a part of God’s design. It is a natural action, perhaps next to breathing, our most natural. Walking opens the world to us and is central ...View Details

Day 5 Walk and Be Well

“It is precisely this heady mix of pain and pleasure, ugliness and allure, remarkable mechanics and day-to-day practicality that makes feet a worthy f...View Details

Day 6 Walk and Be Well

“Walking, as with all exercise, can have a dramatic effect upon sugar metabolism. This means that the onset of diabetes can be significantly delayed i...View Details

Day 7 Walk and Be Well

“I think about this man who has never walked who is suddenly thrilled by his own ability to move, and I think about my dog Odie, who has always known ...View Details

Day 8 Walk and Be Well

“One rite of passage for medical students all over the globe is anatomy lab. Seeing the dead body was stressful enough, but then we had to carefully d...View Details

Day 9 Walk and Be Well

“The feel and the sound of the heart beat is one of the most powerful indicators and symbols of life that we know.”The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Cameron We ...View Details

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