Day 10 Walk and Be Well

“Many people walk on sidewalks while others enjoy shopping malls where the weather is unvarying. If you walk outside, be careful of the sun exposure a...View Details

Day 11 Walk and Be Well

“Walking requires our careful and complete attention to the world around us. Be careful as you walk. Be sure to look in all directions; be aware of yo...View Details

Day 12 Walk and Be Well

“We need both parts of the breathing cycle: We need to inhale and we need to exhale. We need to take air in, and we need to let it go.”The Rev. Dr. Ja...View Details

Day 13 Walk and Be Well

“Many of us have tried eating something to improve our mood. But it turns out that the most reliable and quickest mood enhancer is a brisk ten-minute ...View Details

Day 14 Walk and Be Well

“You have probably heard by now that exercise is good for your brain. But there is a lot about your brain that is essential for exercise as well — or ...View Details

Day 15 Walk and Be Well

“We have the capacity to affect the wellness of ourselves and others simply by the way we interact with them emotionally.”Elizabeth McKay Moosbrugger ...View Details

Day 16 Walk and Be Well

“Muscles — we all know they help us move our bodies through space. But muscles also help move all sorts of things into, around, and out of the body.”T...View Details

Day 17 Walk and Be Well

“Walking is a great way to begin getting physically fit, and it benefits us almost immediately. At the end of each walk, congratulate yourself for not...View Details

Day 18 Walk and Be Well

“Walking is a weight-bearing exercise, and as such, it has a particular effect upon our bony skeleton, especially the bones in our back, hips and legs...View Details

Day 19 Walk and Be Well

“It turns out that exercise has a powerful impact on the brain's feeling centers. Exercise, including walking, causes the brain to release powerful ne...View Details

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